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A new age brings upon heavier reliance on IT services, regardless of industry or business sector. Although becoming sort of commodity we get used to relying on, IT systems gain ever more significance in an organization by providing a wide range of IT services that business daily operations depend on. Any of the services such as databases, business core software, networking services, intranet, email, e-commerce etc., can fundamentally influence how efficient and effective an organization performs. 

Because of this fast growth of IT services and business processes, strong interdependence on IT services there is increasing need to clearly define components and relationships that allow for a seamless alignment of IT and business. As one of our clients often stated: "work in relatively organized chaos is a source of our many problems and frustrations". 

What is the role of Consalta?

Our expert team spends time with an organization (its business and IT parts) in order to perform detailed analysis of information flows and business processes, with a goal of adequately inventory IT services, their composition, interdependence with other services, and business processes. This is done using software tools that allow us to deliver integrated database which clearly defines IT infrastructure required for proper functioning of each IT service and business process in the organization. During this time we transfer our know-how to the client's team in order to enable them to be able to continue defining new implementations or changes. 

IT service catalog sets the foundation to accurately determine interactions with the business side, allowing for precise definition of Service Level Agreements (SLA) or Operational Service Agreements (OLA) - conditions under which IT services are delivered.

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