Risk Assessments

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Risk assessment and risk scenario analysis are activities every organization should perform periodically or based on significant changes within the organization or in the external environment. Those organizations that do not proactively manage its risks face a possibility (or rather probability) to find themselves in a situation to have to reactively deal with consequences and impacts of incidents or security breaches.

In order to accurately assess and manage risks, we have to first identify key assets required for realization of business processes and its activities (such are key information sets, hardware and software, infrastructure that supports activities, people involved, external services required etc.). Next steps (risk scenario analysis and risk evaluation) help us paint a clear picture of our company's risk exposure and key areas we need to protect by implementing security controls (countermeasures) in order to bring those risks under acceptable levels.

An adequate risk assessment, as a part of the overall risk management process, enables organizations to appropriately select specific security controls and design their implementation in the most efficient and effective manner while being most cost-effective.

 What is the role of Consalta?

Consalta offers risk assessment services as a part of our overall consulting during an implementation of management systems or as a stand-alone service for organizations that have specific needs in particular area. We use proven risk assessment methodologies and provide real-life, practical advice utilizing our extensive experiences in this key area. Our methodologies are compliant with industry standards such are ISO 31000 (Risk Management) or ISO 27005 (Information Security Risk Management) but are custom tailored for each client based on their specific context (maturity, previously established risk management processes, specific industry or requirement etc.).

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