BCMS - ISO 22301

Business Continuity Management Sistem 

All organizations (be it public or private sector) are under increasing pressure to plan for times of crisis. These days organizations face a wide spectrum of business risks and threats that include:


  • Natural disasters and their impact on business, such as earthquakes, floods, storms or other forms of catastrophic weather 
  • Human threats that include a number of different threats such are cyber attacks, loss of technology, communications or information, even fraudulent activities
  • Threats to human resources, such as epidemics and pandemics and other events that may lead to lack of staff in organization, or 
  • Threats related to the loss of key suppliers and inability to get product or service provided by critical business partners
Business continuity management is an often poorly understood concept in many organizations (even big corporations). In essence, business continuity is a management program with a goal to design, implement and maintain strategies which allow not only for an effective response to events that disrupt business activities (and recovery of key operations) but also to reduce the probability of these scenarios to even realize in the first place. 

Business continuity cannot be designed just around reactions to threatening events, but must also have a proactive component through implementation of controls that can eliminate such events from happening, reduce the probability of occurrence or limit the impact on the business if they realize.  

What is the role of Consalta?

Consalta puts focus on analysis and assessment of current state and evaluation of the real ability of an organization to respond to incidents or catastrophes which can influence business activities. During the BCMS implementation, we work with clients to develop comprehensive Business Impact Analysis through which we point out real priorities that help set basis for an effective and efficient solution.

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