Currently, our eLearning platform is used for a limited number of training programs such as "Continuous Quality Management Program". Candidates have simple access to all materials, tracking of their training progress, and a transparent way to comply with requirements of ISO 9001 in regards to competencies, training, and awareness. 

Our eLearning platform is also being used as a supporting tool in our Awareness Programs, allowing for lowered costs, easier and more flexible access to materials, and the inclusion of a large number of employees). Utilizing this kind of tool, management can centrally monitor and govern all of the competence and awareness efforts. 

After careful selection of areas and topics being adequate for this approach, we plan to introduce set of other training and educational programs. 

eLearning system is based on LMS (Learning Management System) hosted infrastructure, in SCORM format with reporting functionalities allowing for control of users, education context, and tracking progress. After fulfillment of the required conditions (completed training sessions, exams taken etc.) certification process can be automatized by issuing pdf certificates with email notification of program administrator. 

Please contact us for more information or free consultation. 

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